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Introducing Richard Cooksey

Date: November 6, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

We would like to introduce you to our new Business Development Manager, Richard Cooksey.

Richard has worked in the technology sector for the last 12 years, helping companies with their IT requirements, working with a wide range of business types and sizes from sole traders to global organisations with […]


Cyber Security Attacks

Date: October 31, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

cyber security attacks - Lumina Technologies

Cyber security attacks are becoming more and more of a problem with the number of attacks increasing exponentially. Earlier this year, a survey on cyber security breaches commissioned by the Department of Culture Media & Sport found that 46% of UK businesses experienced a cyber security breach or attack in […]


Could GDPR mean the end of spam emails?

Date: October 9, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

Spam Emails- Lumina Technologies

If you do not stay on top of your emails, your inbox can very quickly become full of largely unwanted messages. We all receive too many emails, the majority of which are marketing messages we are simply not interested in. When we feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of them, […]


Why data retention holding is putting your business at risk

Date: October 5, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

Data retention | Data Protection | Lumina Technologies

All companies keep a lot of personal data, and this data retention is largely unstructured because of the various formats it comes in – paper records, Word documents, spreadsheets, databases, CRM, Outlook, Calendar etc.

The new data protection laws that will soon come into effect – the EU’s GDPR and […]


What is the Internet of Things and why does it matter?

Date: October 3, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

Internet of Things -Lumina Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a generic term covering all IP-enabled devices that ‘talk’ to you and each other. The smarter our homes are becoming, the more of these devices we’re using.

  • So-called Nanny Cams are already in common use, and easy-to-install smart technology now, and they are cheap


The new Data Protection Bill and GDPR

Date: September 29, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

data protection bill -Lumina Technologies

At the beginning of August, the UK government announced proposals for a new Data Protection Bill (DPB) which will replace the current Data Protection Act. The new law is intended to give individuals greater control over their personal data, especially with regards to the right to be forgotten.

For individuals, […]


Data Storage Solutions: On-premise vs Cloud

Date: September 26, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

data storage solutions- Lumina Technologies

We are currently in a transition period where it is still not a given that cloud-storage is the best data storage option for companies. At the moment there are two reasons why it makes more sense to store data on-premise.

The first is data sensitivity – some companies are worried […]


IOD Cyber Security Ambassador for Hertfordshire

Date: August 21, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

IOD Cyber Security Ambassador - Lumina Technologies

It has just been announced by the Institute of Directors (IoD) that the MD of Lumina Technologies, Richard McBarnet, will be the IoD Ambassador for Cyber Security for Hertfordshire.

As IoD Cyber Security Ambassador, it will be Richard’s job to ensure that all members receive high quality support, and to […]


Business continuity management

Date: August 14, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

Business continuity management-Lumina Technologies

The recent fiasco at BA shows how important it is to have a workable business continuity management plan in place. At the very least, BA’s disastrous disaster recovery plan could end up costing them at least £80m with the inevitable knock-on effects on its reputation from this very public debacle. […]


What is the best antivirus?

Date: August 4, 2017   |   Author: Richard McBarnet

best anti-virus | Lumina Technologies

This is always a fun question because it usually gets IT people hot and bothered! If you ask the question on online forums, you will get so many different answers, you will be just as much in the dark about the answer as you were before you asked.

While everyone […]